Disc Brakes

CU Magnetic Disc Brakes
Service duty brakes

CX Magnetic Disc Brakes
Emergency duty brakes

Spring Set DC Magnet Released Disc Brakes

Service Duty (Type CU) and Emergency Stop Duty (Type CX) DC Magnet Disc Brakes

  •  Metric, foot mounted

  •  fabricated steel mechanism
  •  all pins ground stainless steel
  •  friction linings, high temperature non asbestos

  •  service brake self adjusting device
    (compensates for brake lining wear)
  •  limit switches to monitor release / set or wear
  •  special materials, tests and finishes as required;
  •  high integrity requirements such as the nuclear industry

  •  separate enclosed control units for DC or AC supplies
  •  economy circuits available
  •  shunt or series magnets available

  •  mechanical handling equipment, cranes, winches,conveyers and mills etc.
  •  emergency stop brakes often installed on flange of crane winding drum

  •  design and selection assistance available

CU Magnetic Disc Brakes
with maintenance free
self adjusting mechanism

Brake Selection
The brake size must be chosen to give required braking torque and to dissipate the energy during stopping without over heating the disc. Brake torque is often related to drive motor torque by an arbitrary service factor typically 75% -100% full load torque for crane travel and similar inertial loads which tend to be self stopping or 150% -200% for crane hoists and other overhauling loads. If a precise stop time or distance is specified, then the brake torque must be calculated.

Motor FL torque is given by:
   - [(kW x 9550) / rpm]Nm or [(HP x 5250) / rpm]Lbft

Brake Model Data

DIA. "D" (1)
  mm(in) kN(Lb) mm(in) kg(lb)
CU01 250-400(9.8-15.7) 3.6(809) 50(2) 30(66)
CU1 315-500(12.4-19.7) 6.1(1370) 60(2.36) 50(110)
CU2 400-710(15.7-27.9) 16.4(3690) 86(3.4) 142(313)
CU3 500-800(19.7-31.5) 37.9(8520) 120(4.7) 230(507)
CU4 630-800(24.8-31.5) 54.0(12100) 120(4.7) 292(644)
CX10 380-600(15-23.6) 25(5620) 60(2.36) 89(196)
CX20 450-710(17.7-27.9) 50(11200) 75(2.95) 102(225)
CX40 500-800(19.7-31.5) 100(22500) 90(3.5) 157(346)
CX60 600-960(23.6-37.8) 150(33700) 114(4.5) 280(617)
CX90 960-1500(37.8-59) 225(50600) 134(5.27) 440(970)
CX135 - details on application      
Static Torque is calculated by:
[(AF x 0.4 (D-F)) / 2000]KNm or [(AF x 0.4 (D-F)) / 24]Lbft
(1) For discs outside the range, please call
Magnetic Actuator
Short stroke DC tractive type with encapsulated coil and screw-off release nut with optional switch. All fabricated steel construction.
  •  Resin encapsulated coil with Class F insulation
  •  Optional replaceable coil arrangement for CX range
  •  100% continuously rated up to 40C ambient
  •  Air gap dust and drip protected by neoprene gaiter
  •  Terminal box IP55 enclosure
All DC magnets tend to inherently slow response due to build up and decay of the magnetic field. The actual times are dependent on size and vary with excitation voltage, coil temperature and spring loading (torque) and also the magnet stroke which increases as brake linings wear.

Coil Forcing (Shunt Wound Voltage Operated)
All CU & CX Range brakes are forced open by electric current creating a magnetic field. Brake release and set times are reduced by a separate brake control unit to apply increased power magnetic force during a short preset start period . Control units are enclosed ventilated drip proof IP22 for DC supplies or totally enclosed IP55 with rectifier for 1 or 3 phase AC supplies.

CX Magnetic Disc Brakes
Emergency duty brakes
U.S. NAVY Crane

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